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A fair deal for a fair price

I’m really struggling just now with the idea that life these days seems to mainly comprise avoiding people trying to screw you out of your hard earned cash.

This is prompted by several recent events including booking a couple of days in a hotel, replacing our fridge freezer, trying to find decent apps/programmes for Windows and similar.

The fridge freezer seems fine. It’s from a local firm we’ve bought from before who seem reliable & can deliver here because they can find us. I’ll find out about the hotel infridge due course though I haven’t found the software I want for reminders and/or mind mapping.  BUT it seems to have taken an inordinate amount of time and energy to find what is reliable.

You go on line, you compare, you have to look for hidden charges because the freezer may be cheaper on X site but they charge twice as much to remove your old one and for delivery while Firm Y will deliver free.

You look at reviews, but you can’t always trust them because good reviews may have been written on the promise of vouchers or discounts and poor ones may have been written by rivals to attack the competition. If you read one star reviews on Amazon, about half are complaining about things tat are nothing to do with the product (delivery, say) or are because they didn’t actually read the specifications.

I don’t want to spend hours looking for the best item from a field of almost-clones and the most reliable supplier from a field where a good proportion appear to want to maximise profits at the expense of customers and/or employees. I definitely don’t want to be doing this all over again in a couple of years because of built-in obsolescence.

Has it always been like this? Have most companies in the past been trying to rip us off at every opportunity? I really don’t think so. Firms used to pride themselves on their reputation, on being reliable. Now, even when you find one like that, you have no guarantee that it still will be five years down the road as so many seem to be taken over my more unscrupulous competitors.

I’m tired of it. I don’t want to haggle. I don’t want to transfer to get the best deal. I don’t want to have to clear cookies to make sure I get the cheapest price. I just want to go back to having products/services/tradesmen who charge a fair price for a decent service or product.

Is that really too much to ask?