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Rush Hour Reading

Not sure if this will come out right but here goes.

I was discussing reading & phonics with someone recently and she said that English orthography was complicated and that was why we had to start teaching it so early. This struck me as rather odd. I’m reluctant, extremely reluctant to get into an argument about phonics, I find them tiring but I’m going to be brave and throw this idea out anyway. I’ll use an analogy, almost a story, (nod to Sue Cowley).

You have a new job. You start work in the morning at 9. You work out your route and set off at 8:30. But it’s rush hour and you don’t arrive at work until 9:10. You’re a conscientious type, so the next morning, you set off 10 minutes earlier to compensate, but the route is busy and you still arrive at 9:10. Next morning, you try a different route, a better one, pointed out by a friend… 9:10. Okay, you’ll need to set off earlier, you set of at 8:15, you arrive at 9:08
…8:10 – 9.07
…8:00 – 9:05
…7:50 – 9:03
…7:40 – 9.03
…7:30 – 9:02
…7:20 – 9:01
…7:15 – 9:00!!!🙌👼👍
You’re happy, you dance around the office. You’ve arrived. Shame your journey takes an hour and ¾ rather than the half hour you expected and you’re frankly sick of driving, but you’re on time.

A colleague asks why you’re so happy and you explain how hard you’ve worked to drive this complicated route to arrive on time.

“Didn’t you know mate, were on flexitime? ”

The next day you set off at 9:00, you arrive at 9:25. Your drive was quiet and non-stressful. Maybe you still enjoy driving after all.