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I’m not sure if this makes me more right-wing than I usually am, or more envious, or more uncaring, or maybe you lot are all more generous spirits than me, but it’s come up a few times recently & I was reminded of it again today when I saw this  news story.

I accept that money doesn’t solve everything, and that it doesn’t necessarily make you happy (though if it doesn’t it does make you wonder why so many people pursue the acquisition of vast amounts of it quite so relentlessly), but surely it makes most things a whole lot easier. It surely also makes adversity easier to cope with.

To start with a popular figure, Nigella. I fully understand that domestic violence, in all its forms is dreadful for the victim. I understand that many partners can be controlling as well as aggressive and that escaping this can be extremely difficult. I still believe that it will be easier to escape if you can walk out of the family home and check into a five star hotel, or take refuge in your villa in Spain than if you have to walk the streets begging friends to take you in and conceal you from your aggressor. In this case publicity would be a double edged sword, yes, the news will hit the media but it also means that your partner won’t be able to turn up on the doorstep of wherever you have taken refuge with a baseball bat.

In the link at the start of this piece, I’m also pretty sure it must be easier to deal with addiction problems if you are able to check yourself into the Priory for treatment, rather than coping with them while living in a squat and going on a waiting list for NHS treatment.

By all means have sympathy for these people, but don’t pretend that the money doesn’t make it easier. It makes things vastly easier. And if it doesn’t, you have the option of giving it all away.


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Retired teacher. (also Information Scientist, Export Sales Assistant, Sales Administrator, Computer Programmer, Software Support Specialist) Worked in Sixth Form college and recently as support in a primary school.

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