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Clearing my mind #2

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Do you remember this?

I got into a couple of heated discussions at the time & even lost a follower or two.

My basic point was that Prince Harry showed a lack of judgement which I felt threw doubt on his being in charge of dangerous military equipment. I’m open to discussion on this but somehow people seemed to think I was saying that I was simply condemning his private behaviour and I had no right to do that.

Several points come to mind

  • I did not approve of his sexual behaviour. I’m a bit prudish in that respect but I agree I have no right to attempt to control this.
  • I do however judge it. Everyone judges other people’s behaviour to some extent. They have a right to behave as they do (within the law), I have a right to think it is wrong. I’ve no doubt there are other people who do too.
  • I make no call to ban the behaviour
  • It is not the behaviour that makes him unfit, it’s not realising that it might be an issue.
  • He is famous. He is in the public eye. This has tremendous benefits (money, free stuff, access to places most of us will never see) It also has drawbacks (public scrutiny of behaviour). The two are pretty much inseparable.
  • It’s no good saying people involved with him are expected not to sell photos. If you party with people you’ve just met you cannot possibly know whether or not they will adhere to your expectations. Women, sadly, meet this problem with terrifying frequency.

I may be wrong in my views, I may be right. But I get a bit cross at being attacked on Twitter for things I never actually said. I get very frustrated at being backed into a corner & challenged to support things I never actually said.

Now it may be that I express myself poorly, or it may be that some people don’t read what is actually written (I hold my hand up to doing that sometimes). In fact, some people seem to wilfully misinterpret what is said. Lets be generous to all concerned and assume faults on both sides.

These days I just block & move on before I get too upset to think straight. But please read tweets carefully before jumping on someone, please read the other tweets from that person to give context before you criticise and do ask for clarification of what is meant before you jump on someone.

That’s all.


Author: littlemavis

Retired teacher. (also Information Scientist, Export Sales Assistant, Sales Administrator, Computer Programmer, Software Support Specialist) Worked in Sixth Form college and recently as support in a primary school.

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