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Is it Just Me? (1)

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Is it just me, or does this sound familiar?

  • You have people visiting, either coming for a meal or a drink, or people coming to stay.
  • The house is a bit of a mess so you tidy up.
  • You run out of time but there is still the sort of stuff lying around that you aren’t quite sure what to do with, or lots of little bits that need putting away in lots of different places.
  • To get the place tidy quickly you put it all in a bag or box & put it somewhere out of sight.
  • The people go, you sigh, relax, go to bed, go to work…
  • You pretty much forget about the box you put out of the way.
  • You want something but cannot find it. You can’t remember where you put it, you look in the place it is supposed to be and the usual places things turn up when they are missing
  • You decide it is lost or you never actually had it in the first place and you buy a new one
  • Rinse & repeat.

In case you haven’t guessed, we are tidying our outhouse (or conservatory if you want to be posh). We are finding lots & lots of things that were put “out of the way”.

This is almost as much fun as clearing the loft was. Among other finds we have:-

  • A cat tunnel
  • A footstool
  • Lots of gardening gloves
  • Elastic bands, now rotted

To be continued….


Author: littlemavis

Retired teacher. (also Information Scientist, Export Sales Assistant, Sales Administrator, Computer Programmer, Software Support Specialist) Worked in Sixth Form college and recently as support in a primary school.

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