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Valentine’s day lesson

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I used to teach IT post-16 Level 1. If you don’t understand the jargon, level 1 is where kids come to college having managed to achieve hardly anything at High School. They acquire a qualification which is (or at least was – thank you Mr Gove) equivalent to 4 GCSEs grades D – F. Oh they did also do English & Maths courses/qualifications in case you were worried.

The reasons they hadn’t done this at school were varied. Some had severe dyslexia or other learning difficulties. Many had behavioural issues. Some had physical illnesses. Also family problems, exclusion….you can imagine. So, not A level kids.

A couple of years ago one unit covered Internet & Email. Yes, I know you all use the Internet & email (obvious really) but how many of even intelligent & educated people like you use it properly.

The lesson involved comparing different forms of communication today. Mobile phones, land lines, email, skype, even actual letter writing. They worked in groups looking at advantages & disadvantages of each. I got some wonderful suggestions

Email would be good for Valentine cards because

  • You can send the same card to many people easily
  • You can include a photo

Landlines would be good because

  • You can hide your number
  • They can hear what you sound like

Cards are good because

  • You don’t have to sign them
  • You can tie a ribbon round them to keep them

Who says romance is dead?


Author: littlemavis

Retired teacher. (also Information Scientist, Export Sales Assistant, Sales Administrator, Computer Programmer, Software Support Specialist) Worked in Sixth Form college and recently as support in a primary school.

One thought on “Valentine’s day lesson

  1. TeeHee, sounds like fun & hormones! Lovely!

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