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Hello world!

Hello there!

I think it is going to take me quite some time to get my head around this. I am unfortunately particular about the appearance of anything I produce so I will probably spend the next few days searching for the right theme & background & generally working oput how to make the software do what I want it to look like and making many, many mistakes while I learn how to bend it to my will.

I am already confused because I can’t see this when I click on “View Post” – bear with me while I play.

Aha – another button – preview changes is the one to use.

What’s next?

The font. I hate this font. I wonder if you can just choose abny or if the font is tied to the theme? – No, don’t tell me & No, I’m not going to rtfm I am apparently the sort of learner who likes to explore & find something out for themselves.

Ah, I can

  • change the colour of text
  • Underline stuff
  • Change this into a bulleted list

Some things you can only find from a “show kitchen sink” button

And there are a few styles

Off on a font hunt – later